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Here are some of my favorite non-bellydance sites!



This page offers translation of other web pages or test up to 150 words in about seven different languages.



This site allows you to put all your favorites in an online location (in case your computer majorly crashes) and allows you to share folders with your friends.


Symantec Security

You can go to this site to check out the "virus alerts" you receive and find out if you've got a real virus or a hoax. You may be surprised how many of them are hoaxes. You can also get virus protection software here.


Urban Legends Archive

This site lists many urban legends, but it seems to simply state them without saying whether they're true or not. However, it's interesting to read the legends.


Urban Legends Reference Pages

One of my favorite sites! This site allows you to search keywords of the story and can tell you (for the most part) whether it's true or not. Saves you from forwarding email horror stories, virus alerts, etc. that aren't true.



This site allows you to download beautiful images for computer backgrounds and screensavers. They have ME dance pictures in the Community section and you can even create your own backgrounds and screensavers with your own pictures!


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