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Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Middle Eastern Dance. Additional questions will be added as they come up. If you have a question feel free to email me and I will answer it here.






Where can I find classes?


If you live in a metro area in the US, you’d be surprised to learn how many classes there probably are in your area. One of the best ways I have found  to find classes is through the internet. On the Belly Links page on my site, the best place to start is through the Journals. You might also try something as simple as your local phone book.



What if I can't find a teacher in my area?


My first suggestion is to try videos. I actually started this dance because I purchased a video and started doing at home “in secret”. After doing it for a couple of months, I found it so inspiring, I decided to find a teacher. There is also an extensive answer to this on Shira's website.



What do I wear?

You should wear something comfortable that you can move in. Suggestions are unitards, yoga clothes, swingy skirts or even shorts and t-shirts. You can also wear Egyptian hip scarves or some other type of scarf tied around you hips. These can help show the movements you make. You can either wear dance shoes such as ballet slippers, half soles, Hermes shoes, or you can go barefoot as many dancers prefer. Street shoes, sneakers, and socks are not advised. They are hard to move in and in the case of socks may be dangerous if you slip.


Aren't bellydancers just strippers? Isn't this just another form of erotic dancing?


NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is most common misconception (much to the utter extreme downright annoyance of all Middle Eastern Dancers everywhere, did I make my point?) associated with this dance. Middle Eastern dance or bellydance is a dancer form that requires much technique and study. There are many styles of this dance where the dancers wear robes, long covered dresses and much more clothes than seen on the average girl on the street!



Why should I bother going to seminars? I'm so new to this dance or I'm never going to dance outside of class,


I believe seminars can be an invaluable experience in learning this dance. Opening yourself up to various teachers and styles can expose you to styles, costuming, music and other things you may have thought you were not interested and may never have heard or seen before. You will probably end up remembering something you didn’t even realized you learned! I try to take as many seminars as possible from many different styles of teachers.


Where can I find hip scarves and other dance related "equipment"?

If you can find dance seminars in your area there are often vendors there. You can also check out the vendor links under Belly Links page.



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