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In the interest of disbursement of information, I will post articles from various Mid Eastern Dance publications, e-zines and other sources. I believe that providing information can be invaluable in trying to unite our community. You'll notice many articles from Zaghareet!, which is why I began collecting articles. I have found that Zaghareet! covers many different points of view. I will make sure to credit all sources. However, if you see an article here that you have rights to and that you wish removed please contact me.



CONSIDERING BELLY DANCE?  (click for complete article)
A Few Myth-Busting Reassurances

This article addresses many of the questions you  may have when trying to decide if you really want to try belly dance.




BE NICE! (click for complete article)

Talks about trying to create a healing environment for this dance.




THE VIPERS TONGUE  (click for complete article)
The Truth About: "What Works" in Performance and Instruction

A rather strong article on Do's and Don'ts of dancing.




READY OR NOT (click for complete article)

Feel like you're ready to start dancing in public? You might want to check this article out first!




THE TIME HAS COME (click for complete article)

A really moving article, by Harry Saroyan, that again addresses the unification of dancers in this art.




THE FEAR FACTOR (click for complete article)

Bert Balladine talks about fighting your stage fright demons. Bert Balladine has stage fright????




ATTENDING A PERFORMANCE (click for complete article)

A great article for family and friends who have no idea what to do at a Middle Eastern dance show.




15 SONGS EVERY DANCER SHOULD KNOW (click for complete article)

Not exactly an article, but a very cool list!




CARDINAL RULES OF BELLYDANCING (click for complete article)

Info every professional dancer should be aware of.



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