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This is not exactly an article, but the vendors, Dahlal Internationale have this listed on their website and it's great to pass along, so beginning dancers can familiarize themselves with some of the great, well-known songs. You can hear samples of or purchase  CD's that have these songs on Dahlal's website.


Opening Numbers


1.  Zay el Hawa 
     Made famous by singer Abdel Halim Hafez, most dancers perform to the introduction of this piece. 


2.  Aziza 
       A classic oriental piece by legendary composer Mohammed Abdul Wahab. 


3.  Leylet Hob “Love Night”
       Composed by Mohammed Abdul Wahab, this song literally means “Love Night.”


4.  Hani 

      Judy "Jihan" Reda's Egyptian Cabaret Music.


5.  Set el Hosen 
       Princess of Cairo – Musical Archives of Belly Dance Volume 2


6.  Mashaal 
       Raks Sharki by Mokhtar Al Said


7.  Batwanness Beek 
       Warda made this song popular in the 90s. It’s a love song whose title translates to “You are always with



8.  Tamr Henna



Mid-section Pieces


9.  Hebbina 
       Translated “Love us” this song is from legendary singer Farid el Atrache. A great choice for a midsection

       piece. Originally from the album “A Tribute to Farid el Atrache,”


10.  Hizzy ya Nawaem 
         A midsection piece that’s timeless.


11.  Ah Ya Zein 


12.  Nour el Ain 
       "My darling, you are the glow in my eyes."  Recently made popular by singer Amr Diab. Also known as



13.  Zeina 
        Composed by Mohammed Abdul Wahab.





14.  Touta 


15.  Ayoub 



NOTE: I would like to add a couple more songs to this list that every dancer should recognize.


1.  Lessa Faker 


2.  Enta Omri 








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